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March 11-14, 1888


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New York City (14th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues). Accumulations included: Albany: 46.7"; Baltimore: 6"; Burlington: 23"; Concord: 27"; Hudson, NY: 48"; Mamaroneck, NY: 24"; Middletown, CT: 50"; Mount Vernon, NY: 36"; New Haven: 44.7"; New York City: 21"; Newark, NJ: 19"; Philadelphia: 10"; Portland: 13"; Providence: 8"; Saratoga, NY: 50"; Troy, NY: 55"; Washington, DC: 3"; and Worcester: 32"

Source: Lycos Image Gallery and The New York Tribune's Illustrated Supplement, March 13, 1898

News account from New York City:

The storm of wind and rain, which began to sweep over this city and the neighborhood on Sunday evening [March 11], gathered force as the night progressed. The temperature begn to fall, sleet and snow descended in succession and the wind became boisterous. Before daylight dawned yesterday [March 12] a remarkable storm, the most annoying and detrimental in its results that the city has ever witnessed, was in full progress. When the people began to stir to go about their daily tasks and vocations they found that a blizzard just like those they have been accustomed to read about as occurring in the far West, had struck the city and its environments and had laid an embargo on the travel and traffic of the greatest city on the continent.

What the presence of a blizzard meant was soon manifest. Before the day had well advanced, every horse car and elevated railroad train in this city had stopped running; the streets were almost impassable to men or horses by reason of the huge masses of drifting snow; the electric wires—telegraph and telephone—connecting spots in this city or opening communication with places outside were nearly all broken; hardly a train was sent out from the city or came into it during the entire day; the mails were stopped, and every variety of business dependent on motion or locomotion was stopped.

Source: "In a Blizzard's Grasp," The New York Times, March 13, 1888.
The Blizzard of 1888 in New York City

Source: Library of Congress
The Blizzard of 1888 in New York City

Source: Library of Congress
45th Street and Grand Central Depot (New York, New York)

Source: NOAA Historical Photo Collection
Federal Hall (New York City)

Source: Library of Congress
Brooklyn Bridge (New York City)

Source: Library of Congress