January 31-February 1, 1898
Scene at corner of Tremont Street and Scollay Square at 6 pm on January 31, 1898 (Boston). Snowfall amounts included: Albany: 16.5"; Boston: 14.3"; Brookline, NH: 23.0"; Concord: 18.0"; Nashua, NH: 26.0"; New London, CT: 18.3"; New York City: 5.0"; Newburgh, NY: 12.0"; Portland: 17.9"; and, Worcester: 18.0"

Source: "Storm's Fierce Clutch," Boston Daily Globe, February 1, 1898

News account from Nashua, New Hampshire: "The record made by the blizzard of March 1888, is nearly broken by the snowstorm which struck New Hamsphire yesterday morning [January 31]... Business is at a standstill in all the New Hampshire cities. In this city the cotton mills and nearly all the large shops and foundries did not start their machinery, the employees being unable to get to the shops. A high wind prevailed last night and piled the snow in huge drifts in the principal streets of the city... The local weather station gives the snowfall here as 26 inches on the level, 4 inches less than fell in the 1888 blizzard."

Source: "No Business in New Hampshire," The New York Sun, February 2, 1898.

Bridge in "blizzard Feb. 1898" (Lawrence, Massachusetts)

Source: Lawrence Public Library