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December 26-28, 1947

Bronx, New York

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Bronx, New York. Accumulations included: Babylon, NY: 28.5"; Boston: 9.2"; Bridgeport: 19.0"; New York City: 26.4"; Newark, NJ: 26.0"; and, Philadelphia: 7.4"

News account:

The city's towers wore tremendous tufts and beards of snow. Avenues and side streets wre blocked by stalled and abandoned motor cars, trucks and trailers... In some places, even in New York's suburbs, drifts ran six to eight feet high...

The snow's effect on New York City was like weird magic. Traffic roar died away altogether. The white mantle made all the city ghostlike. Theatre marquees were blanketed. Such building turrets as were visible from the street or from high windows wore great snowcaps, or tufted white epaulettes at their setback points... The comparative few who fought their way through midtown streets moved in eerie silence, themselves like wraiths, draped in white.

Source: "Fast Rate of Fall," The New York Times, December 27, 1947.
Upper Atlantic Street and Park Row, behind Central Park (Stamford, Connecticut)

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Bronx, New York