March 2-5, 1960
Looking north on Broadway near 49th Street (New York City)

Source: The New York Times, March 4, 1960 (Associated Press photo)
Beacon Hill (Boston)

A special thanks to Nick DeWolf for the above photo
Woburn, Massachusetts

A special thanks to Will Crovo for the above photo

800 East Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia (Photographer: Adolph B. Rice Studio). Accumulations included: Albany: 12.3"; Baltimore: 10.4"; Block Island, RI: 12.5"; Boston: 19.8"; Groton, CT: 13.2"; Nantucket: 31.3"; New York City: 14.5"; Newark, NJ: 13.9"; Philadelphia: 8.4"; Portland: 10.8"; Providence: 17.7"; Richmond: 8.8"; Washington, DC: 7.9"; and, Worcester: 22.1"

Source: The Library of Virginia
A special thanks to Kenneth A. Cooper for the above photo