December 25-26, 1909

Horsecars on West Street (New York City). A clipper system exploded into a major coastal storm. It dumped 21.0" snow in Philadelphia, 8.0" in New York City, 12.0" in Bridgeport, and 13.0" at Worcester.

Source: New York Tribune, December 27, 1909

News account from Philadelphia:

Philadelphia was almost isolated from the world. Not since the Blizzard of 1888 has the city been so completely tied up.

Great damage was done in [the] city and suburbs. Broken wires paralyzed the city's electric light service; buildings were crushed by the weight of snow and high winds.

Source: "Trains Abandoned in Snow," The New York Sun, December 27, 1909.
A taxicab in a snowdrift in front of Astor House (New York City)

Source: New York Tribune, December 27, 1909