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December 5-6, 2009

Jefferson, Maryland

A special thanks to Chris White for the above photo
Centreville, Virginia. Snowfall amounts included: Allentown: 3.7”; Armonk, NY: 3.1”; Ashfield, MA: 7.0”; Baltimore: 1.0”; Bayard, WV: 7.8”; Boston: 2.7”; Bridgeport: 0.1”; Clarksburg, MD: 7.0”; Danbury, CT: 2.4”; Frostburg, MD: 6.0”; Keene, NH: 3.1”; Milford, MA: 4.0”; Mustoe, VA: 8.0”; New York City: Trace; Newark: 0.4”; Philadelphia: Trace; Providence: 1.0”; Richmond: Trace; Sterling, VA: 3.0”; Tolland, CT: 3.6”; Vienna, VA: 5.0”; Washington, DC: 0.1”; West Milford, NJ: 7.0”; and, Worcester: 3.7”
The Stone Bridge (Manassas, Virginia)

A special thanks to Phillip Forsyth for the above three photos
Armonk, New York
Westminster, Maryland

A special thanks to Greg K. from Westminster for the above photo
Armonk, New York
Centreville, Virginia
Brighton, Massachusetts

A special thanks to Ken in Boston for the above photo
Shelburne, Massachusetts

A special thanks to Mike Crowley for the above photo