February 20-21, 1921

New York City. Accumulations included: Boston: 16.5"; Bridgeport: 13.5"; Hartford: 17.0"; New York City: 12.5"; Philadelphia: 17.0"; and, Plainville, CT: 18.0"

Source: New York Tribune, February 21, 1921

News account: "Winter, long delayed, blew into Hartford yesterday morning [February 20] with vengeance. At 3 o'clock in the morning it was snowing. The spring atmosphere which had prevailed for most of the winter was starting to disappear. At daylight Hartford and the surrounding territory felt the grip of a real old-fashined snowstorm. At dark last night the vicinity was besieged by a blizzard—the worst that has visited the city in years. The trolley traffic was paralyzed outside of the city limits, and only a few of the city lines of cars were running. Trains were hours behind schdule. Wire service, where overhead wires were in use, was crippled to an extent which made it almost useless. Hartford was snowbound, and still the snow continued to fall."

Source: "Blizzard Grips State Trains Hours Behind Hartford Snowed In," The Hartford Courant, February 21, 1921.
New York City

Source: New York Tribune, February 21, 1921

Source: The Hartford Courant, February 21, 1921