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February 25-27, 2007

Alexandria, Virginia. Accumulations included: Albany: 1.4"; Allentown: 2.2"; Baltimore: 4.3"; Boston: 1.6"; Bridgeport: 3.5"; Carmel, NY: 4.0"; Glastonbury, CT: 5.0"; Islip: 1.8"; Mamaroneck, NY: 3.5"; New Market, VA: 4.5"; New York City: 1.8"; Newark, NJ: 2.1"; Philadelphia: 1.5"; Providence: 4.2"; Sterling, VA: 4.5"; Upton, NY: 2.9"; Washington, DC: 2.9"; and, Worcester: 3.2"
Alexandria, Virginia

A special thanks to Dylan Yep for the above two photos
Pikesville, Maryland

A special thanks to Jonathan H. for the above photo
Larchmont, New York
Larchmont, New York
Mamaroneck, New York

A special thanks to MOCKBA1 for the above three photos

Ashburn, Virginia

A special thanks to Ji for the above photo