February 17-18, 2014
Kankakee, Illinois. Accumulations included: Alton, NH: 15.0"; Boston: 2.5"; Bow, NH: 14.0"; Bridgeport: 2.7"; Chicago: 5.0"; Concord: 12.2"; Detroit: 3.5"; Goffstown, NH: 11.0"; Grand Rapids, MI: 6.2"; Islip: 2.0"; Lunenburg, MA: 11.1"; Meriden, CT: 6.5"; New Boston, NH: 12.0"; New York City: 1.5"; Newark, NJ: 1.8"; Philadelphia: 3.0"; Providence: 3.7"; Upton, NY: 1.1"; and, Wilmington, DE: 2.0"
Kankakee, Illinois

A special thanks to Danute S. for the above two photos
Lafayette, Indiana

A special thanks to Tim S. for the above photo
Wyandotte, Michigan

A special thanks to Josh Halasy for the above photo
Bronx, New York
Bronx, New York
Bow, New Hampshire

A special thanks to Bobbutts for the above photo