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December 31, 2007 - January 2, 2008

East Derry, New Hampshire

A special thanks to Dave Johnson for the above photo

Northeast Indiana. Accumulations included: Albany: 2.5"; Bangor: 6.4"; Burlington: 6.6"; Caribou: 5.1"; Chicopee, MA: 5.0"; Chicago: 4.4"; Concord: 7.4"; Detroit: 5.5"; Hartford: 2.0"; Indianapolis: 1.1"; Montpelier: 8.0"; New York City: Trace; Portland: 5.0"; Rochester, VT: 6.9"; Savoy, MA: 7.0"; South Weare, NH: 6.5"; and, Worcester: 2.5"
Northeast Indiana

A special thanks to Drew for the above two photos
Near Mason, Michigan
Near Mason, Michigan

A special thanks to Tara Plante for the above two photos
Saline, Michigan

A special thanks to Josh Halasy for the above photo