January 17-18, 2008

Virginia Tech University (Blacksburg, Virginia). Accumulations included: Annapolis: 1.0"; Baltimore: 2.4"; Blacksburg, VA: 6.7"; Bridgeport: Trace; Danbury: 1.3"; Hagerstown, MD: 2.0"; Hartford: 2.3"; Herndon, VA: 4.0"; Leesburg, VA: 4.5"; New York City: Trace; Newburgh, NY: 1.5"; Olney, MD: 6.0"; Sterling, VA: 5.3"; Washington, DC: 1.3"; and, White Plains, NY: 1.0"
Virginia Tech University (Blacksburg, Virginia)

A special thanks to Konstantinos Tsiopanos for the above two photos
Centreville, Virginia
Centreville, Virginia

A special thanks to Adam Neckar for the above two photos
Silver Spring, Maryland

A special thanks to Nabeel Keblawi for the above photo