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January 4-5, 2014
Plains States, Midwest, and Great Lakes
Fayetteville, Arkansas. Accumulations from the snowstorm included 11.7" at Chicago; 10.6" at Detroit; 2.0" at Fayetteville, AR; 17.1" at Flint, MI; 14.5" at Glen Carbon, IL; 15.0" at Mescootah, IL; and, 10.8" at St. Louis.
Fayetteville, Arkansas

A special thanks to Walt Reven, Jr. for the above two photos
Wyandotte, Michigan

A special thanks to Josh Halasy for the above three photos

Kankakee, Illinois
Kankakee, Illinois
Kankakee, Illinois

A special thanks to Shane for the above three photos
Tri Lakes,Indiana

A special thanks to Drew Gallmeyer for the above photo
Wyandotte, Michigan
Wyandotte, Michigan