May 9-10, 1977
Winchester, Connecticut. Snowfall amounts included: Albany: 1.6"; Bedford, MA: 9.5"; Boston: 0.5"; Hartford: 1.3"; Millbrook, NY: 6.0"; Milton, MA: 7.8"; New York City: Trace; Newark, NJ: Trace; Sterling, MA: 3.5"; Tannersville, NY: 13.0"; Torrington, CT: 1.0"; and, Worcester: 12.7"

News account: "The latest spring snowstorm ever recorded in the New York metropolitan region blustered over much of the Northeast yesterday [May 9], closing schools, snarling traffic and cloaking newly plowed fields and the delicate blossoms of May in a harsh reprise of winter."

Source: "The Last Hurrah of a Feisty Winter Brings the Latest Spring Snow Ever," The New York Times, May 10, 1977.