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Sleighing and Skating
19th Century
The Sleigh Ride (Currier & Ives, c.1848)

Source: Library of Congress
Sleighing in front of Barnum's Museum, Broadway and Anne Street(?), New York (T. Benecke, c.1855)

Source: Library of Congress
American Winter Scene (Joseph Hoover, c.1867)

Source: Library of Congress
Jamaica Pond, West Roxbury, Massachusetts (J. H. Bufford, c.1859)

Source: Library of Congress
Winter Morning in the Country (Currier & Ives, c.1873)

Source: Library of Congress
Commissioners Hall, Northern Liberties, Phila., [1853]

Exterior winter view of the hall as it looked on February 22, 1852, with fenced property, adorned with an American flag, and containing the district’s police station and Mayor’s office, on the busy snow covered Third Street between Buttonwood and Green streets. Several warmly dressed pedestrians, hall officals, and a policeman mill about and converse on the sidewalk; children throw snowballs and play with a sled; horse-drawn sleighs pass by; men shovel snow off the street and hall steps; and an African American man trudges passed carrying a basket of celery and a dead goose. A broadside inscribed, "Washington, 22nd Feb. 1852" adorns a nearby building. Prior to the city’s consolidation with bordering townships in 1854, neighborhoods maintained and housed their own police stations, mayors, and other government officials in Commissioners Halls, including Northern Liberties. Built in 1814, the Northern Liberties’ hall served as the quarters of the Northern Liberty Barracks until the American Revolution, and was torn down circa 1869 for the erection of Northern Liberties Grammar School.

Source: Library Company of Philadelphia